competitive bid

The client selects an architect/engineer to accurately and clearly describe the project and all requirements in plans, specifications and bid documents. The contractor is chosen by one of three methods.

Hard Bid: The client advertises for bidders and typically accepts the bid of the lowest qualified bidder.

Select Bid: The client, often based on the architect/engineer's recommendation, selects a small group of contractors to bid on the project. The lowest qualified bid is usually accepted.

Negotiated Bid: The client negotiates with one or more contractors and chooses the contractor he feels is the best for the project. The selection is usually based on confidence, trust and relationship.

We recognize that every project is unique and stands on its own. Our approach to every project is determined by the unique aspects of our clients' needs. We strive to match the appropriate delivery method and team of committed professionals with the specific requirements of every project.

Our commitment to quality and safety will not vary; it is built into the foundation of every service we provide our customers.

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