design build

With the design-build approach, the client contracts with one firm to provide both design and construction services. It is often called a "turn-key" contract. The design-build approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design and for construction. On a design-build project, the contractor, architect, and engineers work together as a "team" to serve the owner. The team approach eliminates the tendency to "blame the other guy" if a discrepancy occurs. Team members focus on solving problems rather than placing blame. We provide comprehensive management from design through completion. Our professional team works with you to determine your application's specific requirements, considering both your immediate and long-term goals.

Many of our clients have construction needs but do not have an architect or a design team already in place. Time restraints are often a primary motivating factor for a client to choose a "Design-Build" approach to their construction project. Lacy Construction can be your "One Stop Shop" if you are in a hurry or recognize some of the benefits of this alternative method of design and construction.

Lacy Construction works directly with our clients to provide both design and construction services. The design-build approach replaces the traditional method of awarding separate contracts for design first and subsequently for construction. We work directly with our architects and engineers as a "team" to serve you, our client. We will also work with your architect and provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural engineering as necessary to complete the design-build team.

Our design-build approach offers several benefits including speed and accountability. Rather than dealing with multiple levels of responsibility our clients have an integrated solution. This single point of contact provides flexibility for our client. We leverage that flexibility for the client's benefit by continually refining the construction process to maximize the value at the completion of the project

Our clients have greater access to the "team" as the project is being developed. This efficiency is vital in the success of the project. Because the design parameters of a project are being developed along with the budgetary goals, construction methodologies, and budget conditions, the total project is more likely to be successful. Many traditional construction projects end up over budget while the overage of a design-build project is generally client driven.

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